(old) Client v0.

Removing noise with AI

(old) Client v0.

A new client is available: https://ournetplace.com/rmnoise/rmnoise-setup-0-21-9-6-2.exe

This version has been replaced by a newer version: https://ournetplace.com/rm-noise/client-v0-21-9-7/

As usual, the setup program will uninstall previous RM Noise versions.

Upgrading is recommended.


  • The soundcard handling was re-written and now includes the choice of output devices
  • Late audio (audio buffer exceeded) handling was changed to use an average latency value
  • The VOLUME slider turns red if you are overdriving the output
  • Overdriving the Input and/or output (audio clipping) is shown on the INFO graph
  • There is a inactivity standby mode. ‘Standby’ will be displayed instead of ‘delay’
  • There is a BYPASS button on the main screen that immediately monitors the input device
  • The client better handles audio packets that arrive out of order

Report problems to: rmnoise@ournetplace.com